Artists in Casa – Changing the world one stroke of a brush at a time


Appreciating art and all that it entails is not easy business anywhere. It takes time, effort, and a focused approach by those who create the foundation of any cultural dialogue and ambiance. With the constantly changing circumstances that dictate how we live, topics that nourish the soul and have actual potential to alter the functioning of communities we belong to, do not seem to be shouted from the rooftops or explored loudly in Montenegro.

We are here to change that.

With the challenging two years of the pandemic, with protective gear and limited access to other fellow humans, it is safe to say that we have not been able to enjoy art in the manner in which we were accustomed. Encouraged by bits of normalcy that came as a result of the pandemic slowing down its pace, as art enthusiasts, this year we partnered up with our client Casa del Mare hotel group and launched the Artists in Casa project. 

The Artists in Casa project is envisioned as an art inspired residential program that gathers young and talented artists from Montenegro, hosts them in one of the hotels of Casa del Mare hotel group for a period of time, allowing them to work and create their art pieces in an inspirational setting of the stunning Boka Bay area. The goals of this project are numerous and include providing tangible support to the artistic youth of Montenegro, promoting the importance of pursuing an authentic creative expression, and raising awareness about the abundance of local talent existing within the art spectrum in our country. Our client achieved the aforementioned by making available the premises and the ambiance of Casa del Mare, as well as the community that they have been building and fostering over the years.

The element that certainly sets this program apart from others is its residential component, allowing the artists to truly feel at home, deriving inspiration from a new environment and creating something of value in the process. After the program, all art pieces that have been created as part of this creative workshop are made available for purchase and displayed at Casa del Mare hotels.

The project came full circle in the early days of summer when together with the hosts of the program, we organized an art exhibition that showcased all the art pieces and introduced the artists who took part in this year’s Artists in Casa program to friends and partners of the Casa del Mare brand. The night conveyed a note of cultural sophistication and was filled with interactive conversation, artistic impressions, and friendly discussions from strangers that soon became acquaintances.

We are happy to report that, due to the immense success and interest that was generated by this project, it is planned to become an annual tradition of Casa del Mare hotel group.

As is the case with all the projects we choose and work on, we at Strategist continue to learn valuable lessons from experiences, but also our clients. Today is no different. Although we strive to support clients whose causes are noble and thought-provoking, the path to understanding each other is not always without its challenges. This notion makes us all the more appreciative of those clients whose desire is to, leading by their own example, educate others about the different ways of doing business. 

This was the case with Casa del Mare hotel group. From the moment we first discussed the idea of bringing to light such a meaningful initiative we felt an instant click from the side of our client, whose values have always been very close to ours.

True joy comes from finding the right sidekick and we could not be prouder to be able to help implement initiatives with those who support causes that serve the well-being of the greater public and whose impact echoes well beyond our borders.