Business in times of corona


These are some challenging times, and businesses have great difficulty coping up – we are fighting an invisible enemy, our hands seem to be tied, we face conflicting information and we cannot know how long it will last. Current epidemiological situation affects every business – regardless of its size – and in the same way. Our lives and jobs have been put on hold and we don’t know what is appropriate to say or do.

We at Strategist have offered free of charge services to all our clients for the time being to help them cope up with the current situation. We cannot stress more the fact that we indeed are in this together and only as a community we will be able to flatten the curve and fight the villainy.

Here is some advice we have been implementing with our clients on what you can do as a business, despite (or because of) the current situation.

Think about the future. Assign the most positive strategic thinker in your working environment with the task to think about how your business will look like once all of this is over and what you can learn from it. It can be an in-house person, or an external, or in best case both of them together.

Influence your environment. This will be over and once this is the case, every industry will need to recapitulate on the consequences and shape up the environment it belongs to. Make sure you have a seat at the table – talk to the decision makers, offer advice and support, talk to your fellow industry representatives. Make sure that your ideas are heard and seen.

Educate your employees. This is the time to evaluate what each of you can learn more and better, and provide your employees with opportunities to do so. Is there someone within your team who has a specific know-how, which would be useful to other team members? Make him/her an online teacher to his/her peers! Other than that, most famous universities have opened their online courses for free, check it out, find those relevant for your businesses and organize joint Skype or Zoom working sessions.

Contemplate on the change. What do you need to do and plan to embrace the new reality post-COVID19? Who can help and support you? What are the weaknesses of your business and where can you improve it? Make a list now.

If you have to close temporarily, do not lose track of your employees. Keep regular team calls. Your employees will need to hear that the life of the company continues even after the COVID19.

Share the burden. Regardless of the situation, in a healthy business, there are always to-dos that need to be taken care of. Make a list and offer to your employees to help you get them done, even if those are not in the scope of their original work. This will give your employees an opportunity of an insight into their colleagues’ jobs, strengthening the awareness across the team and ensuring tighter bonds within it.

Social media. Communicate honestly. Say that this is a challenge, but show what you are doing everything to cope with it so that your customers and consumers won’t feel the change.

The situation is changing rapidly and it is difficult to look beyond today. But this will end. The world won’t stop spinning around, and we need to make sure we are not caught unprepared when that happens.