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Finding the right partner in business, much as in life, is not easy. It involves a great deal of getting to know each other and taking an active interest in each other’s affinities, armed with nothing but hope that something worth obtaining will come out from the effort. As a result, if we’re lucky, we […]

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How do we ensure effective communication in the New Normal? With the virus still penetrating virtually all aspects of our day-to-day functioning, even the most experienced communication professionals have found it challenging to cope with the external stimuli dictating the way we perceive the rapidly changing world within and around us. New health measures, constant […]

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Our very first newsletter!

Take a read at Strategist’s Newsletter containing our accomplishments and activities during challenging 2020 and our plans for 2021. Should you require more information or if you see us collaborating on a specific project, please contact us here. Also, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn. 🙂

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