Strategist is a marketing and communication practice with a straight forward strategic approach.

We use our analytical instincts to make sure your company and business is rightly communicated both towards your employees, as well as all sorts of external audiences using both online and offline communication channels.

We help your business deal with crises, challenges and changes and support you on building sustainable relationships and a responsible business.

Our mission is to enable clients to achieve their objectives through insightful counsel, feasible ideas and creative communications.

By using our knowledge and expertise in communication and marketing, we aim at achieving our vision to support creating a corporate culture in Montenegro in which companies – whether big or small – will use their influence and competences to support the society they live in thus aiding their clients and customers and – at the end – improving the environment they operate in.

Our method


We gain a deep insight and conduct a detailed research about your business, market, competition and best practices to present you with a strategy with valuable ideas, a timeline and a comprehensive implementation plan.


Once we have jointly determined our strategic path, we are there to support you every step of the way of setting things in motion, managing activities throughout their entire duration and following up.


Down this path we are walking together, we pay close attention to the lessons learned and adapt our plan and strategy where and when needed. Furthermore, we provide information at all times and to all levels of management.


Every strategy needs adjustments. As we work jointly in implementing ours, we measure and test different ideas and periodically go back to the beginnings to review our steps,seek for better solutions and enforce the ones with the best outcomes.

Our team

Katarina Milačić

Katarina has years of experience in a global communication agency in Berlin and London, working with clients from various industries - from internet, health care, to tourism - in shaping their general comms and specific CSR strategies. Creative storytelling is her focus, especially in the offline world.

Nađa Radulović

Nađa is a public relations specialist with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in corporate and governmental PR in Belgium and Montenegro, through all mediums of print and social media. Managing and arranging appropriate messaging to support corporate goals is where she excels.

Marija Raspopović

Marija has years of working experience in Montenegro, Belgium and the US for international institutions, media and business support organisations, with a sharp focus on environmental, green and circular economy projects and EU-financed initiatives. Project management is her clear strength.

Jovan Đukanović

Jovan is an experienced digital marketer that has worked in various Montenegrin industries - telecommunications, sports, real-estate, medicinal, educational and the marina industry. He also held several social media workshops for both children and adults. Connecting offline and online is his strong point.

Natasa Đukanović

Nataša has extensive experience as a marketing, business and corporate culture development executive, with hands-on approach to these areas. She is a trainer and organizer of multiple digital marketing and blogging workshops. Online world is her strong point.