ESG Consultancy


What is ESG?

ESG is a framework that helps and enables both stakeholders and shareholders to understand how an organization or a company is managing risks and opportunities related to environment, society and governance. It acknowledges that the effect a business has on its community and surroundings in a wider sense is not only financial, but also environmental and society-related and measures this impact. Only by taking these aspects in consideration in their day to day operations and being conscious about the nature and degree of impact they generate in that respect, businesses can claim that sustainability is incorporated in their business model. The European Union has been issuing directives that govern this area of business for a while now, especially since the introduction of The Green Deal, making them mandatory for certain market participants.

ESG as a business opportunity

ESG factors are crucial for a company’s long-term success and failing to adhere to these standards and excluding them from the business model entails undertaking risks and missing out on opportunities that are future-oriented and sustainability driven. We have increasingly seen our clients, especially subsidiaries of big international corporations, reaching out to us to support them in shaping up their ESG strategies, in accordance with the relevant EU directives.

Building long-term value and uncovering new opportunities

As a sustainability consultancy, we help our clients in Montenegro and the Western Balkans region develop and implement their ESG strategies and produce reports that are specifically tailored to the context and objectives of their businesses while at the same time meeting the criteria of the relevant EU directives. Furthermore, we support organizations in managing their sustainability and ESG challenges with innovative, creative and effective tools that deliver results by developing strategic responses to build long-term value and uncover new opportunities.

Our team of ESG experts is led by Marija Raspopović and Katarina Milačić and includes external experts in the fields of construction, energy efficiency, water management, tourism, finance and data analytics.

We work with companies and organizations who:

  • Are a part of big multinational companies and are required to report on country-specific ESG matters
  • Want to develop a strategic and planned sustainability approach based on business risks and opportunities, but are unsure how to start the process
  • Have in place sustainability/ESG/CSR initiatives, that are not adequately coordinated and are not yielding satisfactory results
  • Get support in communicating the progress made in a structured and coherent way


What can we do for you?

  • Create strategy together with the leadership
  • Identify and prioritize environmental, social and governance issues
  • Examine issues in the context of global trends and specific business situation
  • Establish concrete priorities
  • Set goals, targets and KPIs
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Implement strategy

Marija Raspopović has worked on numerous green and circular economy projects as well as executed different CSR efforts into practice. She participated in the development of the Roadmap Towards the Circular Economy in Montenegro and its Action Plan, which screened opportunities and defined priority areas for circular economy transition in the country, and the Strategy of Circular Transition of Montenegro. Throughout the development and implementation phase, Marija has collaborated with numerous stakeholders from the private and public sectors, civil society and research & education.

Katarina Milačić has been assisting Montenegrin companies, both foreign and domestic, in developing and implementing their CSR strategies for the past six years. In the class of 2022, Katarina has successfully completed the University of Cambridge Business Sustainability Management course, for which she has been awarded with an “excellent” grade.