Our work


Services we offer

Advocacy and advisory

We help our clients fulfill their business and project goals by developing clear messages to relevant stakeholders and a 360° approach. Moreover, we help them communicate effectively their projects to the team members, organizations or businesses, clients, different stakeholders and general public, by setting clear guidelines.

Corporate communications

We help our clients make their business' goals and mission more accessible to their employees and all relevant target groups and stakeholders. We are convinced that determining and sharing company's values has a great effect on long term business success. We helped our client to outreach towards public institutions and shape up public policies.

Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy

By observing and identifying issues in the local communities, we help our clients develop CSR strategies close to their businesses. Besides that, we help them find a proper project to support in terms of philanthropy.

Crisis, issues and litigation communication

We help our clients handle crises and diminish reputational risks through strategic communication and stakeholder engagement, thus aiming to protect the reputation of the company or organization and maintain its public image.

Strategic marketing communication

We help our clients develop deeper relationships with existing audiences and reach new ones by using both traditional and modern marketing tools, while effectively bringing more value, driving interest in and attachment to their business, project and/or product. Furthermore, we create a narrative tailored according to the needs of a particular media channel.


For everyone new and unfamiliar with the Montenegrin market, and those who are already around but have a new project and/or product in the pipeline – we help them find their way to the relevant audience and the right stakeholders. Here is how we helped a client coming to Montenegro for the first time.