Our sustainability pledge


Year 2020 has been full of tremendous challenges for everyone, both personally and professionally. Enduring the turmoil brought on by the pandemic was certainly not easy. However, before we bid adieu to it, allow us to take a moment and present you with our pledge for 2021 – sustainability.

The year behind us has, inevitably, made us realize the importance of doing better by doing things differently. Now more than ever. Much to our satisfaction, we have dedicated a lot of our time and energy on exploring and building a narrative on sustainability. Furthermore, we have been part of a social discussion regarding the green future of our country and its road to circular economy. In this domain, we emphasized the importance of strengthening regional cooperation in order to accelerate the process by using knowledge and experience of our neighbors.

There is more. We also took some initial steps into developing projects targeting this goal specifically, and together with our partner Delta City we introduced the Montenegrin public with the terms sustainability and consciousness in the fashion industry. To that end, we are particularly proud to be able to learn from and collaborate with young and talented designers from Montenegro. Together, we are raising awareness about the ongoing  environmental issues while at the same time creating different  opportunities in this industry in Montenegro.

Needless to say, this is just the beginning of our sustainability story. We wish to conclude this year and leap into 2021 with an even stronger commitment to ensuring a more sustainable future. Driven by this sentiment, we pledge to help others create positive changes in their ways of doing business and becoming key sustainability drivers in the community.

If you would like to join us on this journey, you can contact us here.