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At Vertus Institute, we partner with organizations and entities to help them envision and implement groundbreaking initiatives that embed social responsibility into their core functioning. In the process, we aim to instigate a new era where social responsibility becomes the norm, realizing its pivotal importance and profound impact on society.

We are the dedicated enthusiasts behind our mission and vision, intricately blending sustainability, community, and innovation into a tapestry of positive change for Montenegro.


Our mission at Vertus Institute is to inspire and support sustainable initiatives in Montenegro, addressing social, environmental, and economic challenges, fostering an inclusive, compassionate, and collaborative community by engaging with locals, businesses, and organizations.


We aspire to be recognized as trusted partners and trailblazers, unwavering in our commitment to sustainability. We believe in a brighter future where social responsibility is not just an unattainable concept but a shared reality and we are here to guide and innovate alongside those who feel the same way.



The Artists in Casa project is an art inspired residential program that gathers young and talented artists from Montenegro, allowing them to work and create their art pieces in an inspirational setting of the stunning Boka Bay area. By taking part in this project, we are fostering cultural exchange, promoting local artists and enriching the artistic landscape of the country. This transformative initiative exemplifies the power of art to enable cultural and global reach and bring people together by engaging the community.


Collaborating with the Miloš Karadaglić Foundation has been instrumental in enhancing our mission to empower our community members. Pursuing one of our team members’ passion for classical music, the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent aligns seamlessly with our goals, enabling us to collectively provide comprehensive support and resources to emerging artists. Through this partnership, we plan to actively participate in artistic development, community engagement and cross-cultural exchanges, ultimately enriching the Montenegrin artistic landscape while fostering international connections for our talented youth.


Partnering with Rotary Club Bar on a battery recycling project has been transformative in many ways. By aligning our efforts with Rotary International’s key issues and leveraging their local network, we have not only made significant strides in environmental sustainability but also engaged schools and young audiences and the entire community in vital educational initiatives. The project’s multifaceted approach not only promotes eco-consciousness but also provides tangible resources to schools, making a lasting impact on our local community by nurturing a sense of environmental responsibility and educational empowerment.


The Conscious Fashion project was launched as a big clothes collecting activity, enabling community members to dispose of clothing that no longer have any use to them, in order to help those in need as well as transform them into something of value. By collecting and donating clothes, we have addressed immediate needs and provided support to vulnerable members of our society. Simultaneously, the project’s sustainable fashion focus, involving established and emerging designers, as well as design school students, has sparked creativity, encouraged eco-consciousness, and nurtured a thriving local fashion ecosystem. Through this collaboration, we have demonstrated that fashion can be a force for good, benefitting our community on both social and environmental fronts.

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