Racing together in conquering q-commerce


Finding the right partner in business, much as in life, is not easy. It involves a great deal of getting to know each other and taking an active interest in each other’s affinities, armed with nothing but hope that something worth obtaining will come out from the effort. As a result, if we’re lucky, we manage to find a certain something to bond over. And we’ll let you in on a little secret. 

That something, regardless of its actual size or impact, is never not grand – that much we know. 

We have been working with Glovo, the international delivery startup for more than a year on positioning, promoting, and strengthening their brand in Montenegro. We do this by ensuring that the messaging they wish to convey to their audience comes across as precise, tailor-made and always, without exception, relevant. 

One of the newest services offered by Glovo is its Q-commerce segment i.e. the ultra-fast delivery of products ranging from groceries to non-food related items such as diapers, a service which they happen to be pioneering in Montenegro. Aware of all the potential this service holds for different stakeholders in the country as well as having in mind that it represents the future of commerce, the company was determined to ensure that both the general and professional public have a more profound understanding of q-commerce and all the possibilities that arise from its implementation. 

Needless to say, this was our queue to put our thinking hats on and make it happen. 

In order to complete the task at hand, we decided to reach out to Digitalizuj.Me, the most influential tech NGO in Montenegro. By providing them with a more detailed overview of this new trend in online commerce, we wanted to both spark their interest and get some feedback on what would be the best way to make sure that q-commerce becomes a source of inspiration for others.  Driven by enthusiasm from all sides, the idea soon conceptualized itself. We jointly decided to organize an event that would gather relevant organizations and numerous stakeholders who we deem would benefit from hearing more about this service. 

The event was envisioned as a knowledge-sharing panel discussion among peers and business partners allowing Glovo’s experts in the field to introduce both end users and relevant actors from the business community to the concept, possibilities and advantages of q-commerce as well as planned programs with which Glovo wants to contribute to the understanding and implementation of the digitization process in small and medium-sized enterprises. 

In relation to the actual event, Strategist was in charge of providing event management support, from the smallest logistical details to drafting all communication that followed the process. Much to our satisfaction, the event turned out to be a major success, gathering numerous Glovo’s partners present on the app, entities from the business sphere of Montenegro, representatives of other ICT organizations, media and various SMEs. We are especially pleased that our client Glovo was overjoyed with the response and interaction from the audience, while Digitalizuj.Me with its vast knowledge and expertise in the ICT world, provided a sense of wholeness that perfectly conveyed the topic at hand. 

As is the custom with us at Strategist, we have used this opportunity to get our feet wet and soak them into yet unfamiliar waters of, well, q – commerce. This is not to say that we are natural daredevils who would automatically jump into an ocean packed with sharks, but we definitely have a flair for the unknown. For us, eternal communication aficionados, the task at hand was nothing short of natural – we wanted to make our friends – friends. We did this by shedding light on their most distinctive traits and helping them identify their joint interests, with hopes they would naturally come together. They did. 

In the process, we have been reminded of important lessons and learned new things that solidified our determination to continue exploring bolder topics in the future. We have learned that there is truly no limit to what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit.

Finally, we know that partnerships, within the business sphere and those that fall in the human category, can either bring about triumphant glory or catastrophic disaster. 

Let’s just say that we’re happy that we know nothing about the latter.